What we do for our kids

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    So last week we started swim lessons for the kiddos. My daughter is in a 3 kid class with just the instructor. No parent. My boy, who is 3, is (we are) in a 7 kid group with parents. My wife is kinda afraid of water, and she doesn't want the kids to be, so guess who got nominated. Ok so its been great. Temps last week in the 90's, outdoor pool. Today 70 degrees, raining and windy. Only 3 kids show for our class. 1 left in about 10 minutes, so that leaves me and the boy and another boy with his mom. The pool was so freakin cold. And then the rain on top of it. But we toughed it out. My boy was such a trooper. Little lips just a chattering. At the end he was done, didn't want to do anymore. But when the cute little instructor comes over and asks him to do it, HE DOES IT. Thats my boy. :D
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