What YOU really know...

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    Essentially this pertains to H2H or combatives training. Since there is not a board for that (or I missed it), I placed it here. Moderator(s) please do not hesitate to move this to where ever you feel it is appropriate – thank you.
    What YOU really know...

    Don't let yourself be limited by your own thinking. By that I mean explore you existing knowledge and gain more, for free. Think of it this way; say you "only" know ten techniques, which ones are unimportant for this discussion. So, you know 10, inside and out, but if you learn to do these 10 left AND right handed you know 20, see where I'm going with this, with little effort you've doubled you possibilities.

    Now, instead of 20 separate techniques use your imagination and work out two-technique combinations. Mathematically there are now 400 possibilities unless my math is wrong. Are you going to practice and actually use all 400? Probably not, nonetheless your bag of 10 tricks has expanded to 400 possible combos, not bad aye?

    OK, let's go one more step. Lets work three-technique combinations, that's 8000 possible right and left handed combinations folks!

    While I realize that one will never actually learn 8000 "tricks", my point is that you really do know more than you think and with a little time and effort you can really use those initial 10 to your advantage. As well, while you are learning your new "pet" combos, you are reinforcing the original 10 base techniques...a win-win situation.

    Just some food for thought here people...
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