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  1. lordnikon

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    May 22, 2009
    What is all this BS I've been hearing about the US government banning certain guns and pretty much taking away the constitutional rights of our American neighbors. Could someone fill me in on what the hell is going on across the border, a lot of videos on youtube seem to indicate a revolution is iminent. How are these new legislations on US gun laws going to affect the firearms market in Canada... are we going to see an increase in prices for firearms and accessories? Are we going to have more difficulty getting certain firearms/ ammo? Thanks for any info.
  2. armedandsafe

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    Obama and him minions have more than they can handle with the politics of turning this country into a Socialist state. They will hold off on the banning of our guns until late in his first term, after the mid-term eections.

    However, they WILL make the attempt. If not in this term, then in the next, should O be elected again. Once HE has been elected to his second term, there will be no need to preserve political capital, so he will start to press for as close to a total ban on possession outsideour homes as he can get. Total registration of gun owners and their tools. Total control over the ammunitions supplies. Banning of anything which shoots large, far, close and small. Banning of display in public. Banning of the means to manufacture your own for personal use. Tracking of every round fired. Storage of the few remaining guns allowed only in armories controlled by usage and possession laws. Reporting incentives for those who will be tasked to watch over this frightening portion of our population.

    All in the name of "Homeland Security."

    Revolution is not yet imminent. They will attempt to keep the progress of repression slow enough to keep from frightening the peons. They know that the bulk of the people who own and use guns responsibly now are not their problem, at the moment. However, should the rest of the populace decide it is pitchfork time, things will get ugly very quickly.

    Those opinions are mine. They are worth the price you paid to view them. John Ross was an optimist.


  3. Haligan

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    Feb 25, 2008
    FEMA Region II
    Yes, yes, and yes.
    Dabamma and his ilk are very aware of the recent run in firearms purchaces. They see the polls and they know that any gun bans enacted on the federal level are going to cause some significant loses, like the democrates saw in after 1994.
    It appears that the way around this is treaties. If Dabamma enters into a "agreement" with the UN or something like "The North American Union" it could have serious consequences on our rights without congress even having to vote.
    Their does seam to be some grey area with treaties having to be ratified by the senate, but "agreements" seams to be very confusing.
    A while back surplus military brass was being held from the civilian market, a couple of senators, including the two from Montana got the ball rolling on having that reversed.
    California is back up to their ammo rationing scheme, and the mainstream media as usual is "asleep" on all these firearms/ammo issues.
    I have to admit things did not deteriorate as I feared they would, but things are lined up to go bad in heartbeat as soon as the driveby media gets a couple "jucy" stories to report on.
    Join the NRA, watch Fox news(they aren't great, but it's the best we got), and alternative media such as World Net Daily, Drudge Report, are pretty good reporting stuff the mainstream media ignors. If you do that you'll be in pretty good shape in keeping up on most things.
    It is encouraging that more and more Canadians are seeing what's going on.:)
    Welcome to the Forum, make yourself at home and stay awhile.:D
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  4. Bobitis

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    1) The US government has no say in what your government does. You do.
    2) Youtube is what it is. Kids playing on the internet.
    3) In a capitalist country, you get what what you pay for.

    If you don't like your government, leave.
    If you are offended by the price, don't buy.

    If you want something for nothing?

    Come to America! :rolleyes:
  5. lordnikon

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    May 22, 2009
    Yeah I always question what I see on youtube, as mentioned mainly kids playing on there. I have recently seen quite an increase of videos of people making "SHTF" planning vids, "Bug Out Bag" vids, and many who seem to think it's all reaching a boiling point. Here in Canada we get the filtered version of American programming lol, I'm sure there is a lot of government propagana going on to keep Joe Public from worrying about his guns. If this is going to affect firearm collecting, reloading, custom gunsmithing and the like then that is a serious issue. The US government doesn't have a say in our government, however what happens south of the border tends to have an impact on us Canucks too, the whole butterfly flapping it's wings has an affect worldwide type scenario. I'll definately look into the NRA, didn't know Canadians could join.

    It's not hunters and gun collectors and responsible firearms enthusiasts causing all the problems with firearms. I am a strong believer in the phrase "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Case in point it takes someone to chamber the round, aim and squeeze the trigger.
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