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  1. woolleyworm

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    Details and recipe please if you have it !

    My favorite cake is carrot cake. Not much of a cake person though; I prefer ice cream, especially home-made.
  2. carver

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    She bought, or made a fruit cake, and placed it in a cake keeper after basting it well with peach brandy. The basting was done about every other day, or so, for up to two months. Be liberal with the basting sause! Keep it sealed in the keeper. When it's cut it is soft, and moist. The peach brandy just brings out the flavor of all the other fruit. Once cut, basting with more peach brandy is required before the cake is placed back in the keeper. This will assure that the fruit cake doesn't dry out. Once the cake has been eaten, you no longer have a reason to keep the peach brandy, so, drink up!
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  3. bamajoey

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    Aug 17, 2009
    This is the same recipe as my Moms but she used rum instead of bourbon and also green candied cherries as well as red cherries. She would "baste" every 3-4 days with rum, basically the same as Carver said.
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    They're all good in my opinion. But a lot of friends ask me to make them a cake I've been making for 20 years. It's 6 alternating layers of milk chocolate cake, devils food and dark chocolate with thin layers of milk chocolate frosting between the layers and chocolate fudge frosting on the outside. It's "Super Moist" box mix, I just pay close attention on the baking time so it comes out very moist.
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