What's your favorite fighting shotgun?

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    My personal favorite fighting shotgun is my 1969 vintage Ithaca 37 Military & Police eight shot riot model. I love the pre '75 Ithacas that have no trigger disconnect. The early Ithacas shoot just as fast as the Winchester M12 trench guns.

    A Vietnam veteran swore the Ithacas were the best and I don't disagree. He used one to take out Viet Cong like wasting rats at a trash dump. The all steel construction, parkerizing and milspec walnut are classic in appearance. One of the best shotguns I ever purchased.


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    OK, Polishshooter -

    Here's your chance to make the patina colored Model 97 (with filed down edges and takedown model with 18" bbl) show it's true, intended function!
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