What's your favorite recips here?

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    Ok boys, time for some fun here. Spring time is rolling and for me it's a time for walking the fields and hunting cotton tail. I began resizing my brass today and had a thought. Why don't I let you guys design what I shoot. You heard me right. Below are 4 pics that have your ingredients and the two revolvers that I will be using. The only thing not pictured are the primers. You guys can include any primer you wish.

    The first is my Ruger New Model 357 magnum 50 year anniversary. It has a 4 5/8" barrel. This gun is a hunter. I am looking for a load that will take a bunny as far out as 100 yards. Don't worry about the recoil.

    The second revolver is my Ruger sp101. It has a 3" barrel and it has fixed sights. This is a gun that I conceal carry in the summer time so I need to repolish my skills with it a little. I plan on hunting bunnies with this short barreled 5 shot revolver and that should get my skills repolished with this gun pretty quickly. Your challenge is to design me a load that will enable me to take multipe rabbits fast. I will need a recoil that will give me the ability to acquire a quick sight aquisition. Seeing how this revolver is for CCQ, I am looking for optimum bullet performance from between 7 to 15 yards.

    Ok guys, there you have it. Once recipes are decided on, I will let everyone know who's recipes I will cook up. I am open to loading several different loads for each so we can dial the load to the gun as that is important, especially for the little sp101.

    The recipe that you can create can be chosen from the products found in my pics.

    One last thing I would like to mention. Varmint hunting with your personal carry firearm is an excellent way to get well polished and comfortable with using it in an environment where the outcome is unpredictable. I highly recommend it because there is no substitute for a moving target. Also, when we target shoot, we are in a state of relaxation. When you are hiking and shooting, it raises your heatbeat and it all changes. Also, on the rabbits, head shots will save the meat.

    Aim small, hit small,

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    My fav cottontail medicine is the good ol 12 ga. I use my trap loads of 18 gr red dot under WAA12 wads with a 1 1/8 oz load of #4 in place of the #8 I use for clays, all stuffed in 2 3/4" plastic hulls with plastic basewad or no basewad at all. Federal champion are my favs. Its easy shootn and kills em dead.

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