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  1. Waldog

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    Jun 7, 2007
    It absoluety amazes me the number of people that shoot that do not reload. I am a range officer at our club and less than 10% of the people that come to shoot reload. I usually make out like a bandit with spent brass. Recently I picked up about 50 rounds of 300 Weatherby brass and 50 rounds of S&W .500. Have your priced that stuff!! Wow!!!
  2. oldpapps

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    Nov 14, 2011
    Middle America, Missouri
    I am not optimistic about this...

    I knew of only 2 people that did any loading before the Air Force.
    None while in the Air Force. (Not conducive even in central Montana.)
    3 while a Deputy. (Few had any money.)
    2 while a City Cop. (Young Cops and old Cops, no time.)
    2 while working at my final employment. (Way too much work load. I even had to stop for a while.)
    1 of my fellow Masons. (I'm open with my interests, several shooters, only one who loads.)

    Not a very good track record.

    I would have to guesstamate less than 1% of the total population and maybe 10% of the regular shooters.



  3. X Ring

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    Mar 23, 2011
    I would have to agree most gun owners do not shoot frequently, maybe 5%. Few regular shooters reload, maybe 10%. So maybe ½ of 1 % of gun owners is a reloader.
  4. American Leader

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    Mar 1, 2011
    I agree with howlnmad and gdmoody, they ARE both clueless!:p But I'm thinking maybe 15.7% of all shooters. There has to be quite a few because look at all the companies making reloading components and equipment. They're not doing it for fun, but to make money. It's a big business.:D
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