when Europeans were slaves

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    I might suggest, for further reading, if you are interested and you should, given the state of world affairs and the current administration.

    1.) "White Gold" by Thomas Pellow 'The Extraordinary Story of Thomas Pellow and Islam's One Million White Slaves'. In 1716, Pellow was a Cornish Cabin boy captured along with 51 shipmates and spent 23 years as a slave. His harrowing tale of cruel murder and torture while a captive is a terrible tale even though his condition was far better than most of his comrades. He converted to Islam and became an important slave until his escape.

    2.) "Sufferings in Africa" by Captain James Riley. Shipwrecked on the Coast of North Africa in 1815. He and his crew were captured by Muslims and sold into slavery. His story of captivity and travels to different city's while at the mercy of people who were merciless to their own are enough to turn your hair white.

    These two books on white slavery show that they care not weather you live or die, more slaves can readily be stolen or captured. In American Slavery, which was finally ended with the Amendment of our Constitution after the Civil War, there were constraining economic elements to maintaining the welfare of the slaves. A dead or crippled slave meant a net loss and would have to be replaced. That might not be altruistic but guaranteed a much higher survival rate than amongst the Muslims.

    Slavery is still alive and well in many Muslim Countries.

    Before criticizing me for the preceding comments, read the books. President Lincoln read Captain Riley's book and had him as a guest in the White House.
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    Everyone knows that that is all made up. The only people ever enslaved were black Africans, and the only people that ever enslaved anyone were white Americans. We invented slavery, just so we could have something mean to do to those poor peaceful African natives.:rolleyes:
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    Thanks 45-70, I'll check for those books at the library.
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