When Moms Attack - Another Adventure In absurdity

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    May 25, 2003

    Another Adventure in Absurdity
    by Lisa Lascody

    I was shocked and horrified while watching the news coverage recently about
    the woman in Texas who beat her children to death with rocks. This is not
    the first time I have heard about a mother killing her kids, in fact, there
    seems to quite a few of these cases in the news lately. I remember the high
    profile cases of Susan Smith and Andrea Yates as well as a few others that
    did not garner as much media attention.
    While doing some research for this article, there was another horrible child
    murder. A young couple in Texas strangled and then decapitated their three
    young children. I began to wonder how many killer moms were out there. So,
    after a bit of online research and remedial statistical analysis, I found
    the surprising answer.
    It is called "maternal filicide" which is a fancy way of saying child
    murderer and it happens over 600 times each year. That number seemed
    ridiculously high to me so I doubled checked with the Bureau of Justice
    Statistics, National Center for Health Statistics and the FBI Crime
    statistics. They verified that mothers kill their own kids over 600 times
    per year!
    That puts a pretty frightening face on the group calling itself the "Million
    Mom March". I wonder how many of those mothers are ticking time bombs? What
    sets them off and how can we protect their children? I know of at least one
    of those anti-gun moms who committed murder. She even spoke out against gun
    violence at the first Million Mom March in Washington, D.C. Then, a few
    months later, she shot and killed a boy. Now, she didn't kill her own child,
    but she did murder the boy she thought had shot her son. It turned out she
    got the wrong guy and shot an innocent person. What that group needed to be
    pushing was self control not gun control. Perhaps, after reading the rest of
    this article, they will see the dangers within their own group and switch
    their efforts to mother control.
    Gun control groups love to use the phony statistic of "13 kids per day die
    from firearms each year". Most of you reading this article know that number
    includes suicides, accidents and homicides. It also includes children up to
    19 years old as well as crime-related deaths. So, if a police officer shoots
    and kills a 17-year-old armed robber that is counted as one of the "13 kids
    per day".
    I decided to do a little comparison between the number of kids killed by
    their mothers and the number of children killed with a firearm.
    I only used kids under the age of 5 for this comparison because they had
    their own special statistical category called infanticide. Plus, not too
    many kids under 5 are in gangs or committing suicide so the results would
    not be skewed.

    Children under the age of 5 in the United States are more likely to be
    killed by their parents than by anyone else. FBI crime stats show that in
    1999 parents were responsible for 57% of these murders. Even though women
    commit less than 13% of all violent crime, they are responsible for about
    50% of all parental murders.
    These killer moms almost never use a gun to kill their kids. They prefer a
    more hands-on approach like beating, drowning, shaking, strangling or
    suffocation. Others will resort to poisoning, stabbing or exposure to the
    elements. Less than 20% of the cases involved a parent shooting their child
    to death. (US Dept. of Justice Study, 1988)
    In 1999, there were 613 homicides of children under the age of 5. Of these
    homicides, only 73 were killed with a firearm while 351were killed by a
    parent! Of the 73 children killed with a firearm, about 20% of those were
    committed by one of the parents. So, that brings down the number down from
    73 to 59. (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1999) That is 351 cases of parents
    murdering their kids compared to 59 firearm-related homicides in one year.
    To be fair, I have been mainly discussing mothers. Since around half of all
    the parental murderers are mothers, that number is about 175. Still, those
    numbers are staggering.
    The numbers seem to indicate that kids have much more to fear from their own
    mothers than from most gun owners. In fact, legal gun owners are only
    responsible for less than one percent of all crimes.
    I am not anti-mother and I don't want to ban motherhood, but I do support
    reasonable mom-control laws like background checks, licensing &
    registration, waiting periods and a limit on the number of children one
    mother can raise. After all, isn't it worth it if it saves just one child?
  2. riderbob

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    Dec 19, 2002
    Just west of " You sure do live a long way from
    Da Truth

    The one person I feared the most groing up was my mom.
    She was the only person to ever knock me out. and she did it twice. I did deserve it. Decided to talk back. ( Big Mistake!!)


  3. 1952Sniper

    1952Sniper New Member

    Aug 22, 2002
    No, it's called "I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it". Apparently not all mothers are bluffing when they say this. 600 of them per year actually mean it!
  4. inplanotx

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    Jan 28, 2002
    Heehee Sniper,
    My father use to tell me that when I screwed up. I believed him!

    :D :D :D
  5. crazyarcher

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    Mar 25, 2003
    Probably hunting fishing or snowbaording(or wishin
    My mom is the only person in the world that I would ever let turn me over thier knee and give me a good old fashioned whippin'. The reasoning behind this was I was afraid of what my dad would do to me if I didn't let her.

    We need to get back to the good ole days when kids respected and feared thier parents at the same time,CA:mad:
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