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I have inherited a Browning .22 semi-automatic rifle which was made in Belgian. It is in 2 pieces and it is contained in a leather case with a "Browning" insignia. I have researched the Browning site which states that the s/n is stamped on the lower right side of the receiver for all rifles made after 1955. This rifle has no number stamped on the receiver but does have the number 6141770 stamped on the underside of the barrel. It has an engraved receiver and cross-hatched carving on the stock. It also has a picture of a squirrel on an ivory inlay on the left side of the stock. The stock also has an ivory plate on the bottom of the hand grip.

Does anyone have a Browning semi-automatic rifle known to have been made before 1955? If so, what year was it made and what are the first three numbers of the serial number? Mine begins with 614xxxxx. Hopefully with your information I could estimate the manufacture date of my rifle. Any information would be helpful. Also, how I can find out what its value may be?

Thanks for any information :)
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