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    I am probably as guilty as others regarding this and I oughtta have my patootie kicked for it but I was sittin round today and wonderin' to myself just exactly "where" we are today on the war on terrorism and all. Seems like things have either died down somewhat or I need to check the news more often than I do (which would be a good place to start).

    Anyway it seems as though ya just don't hear much anymore yet I know that "somewhere" ..... "somethin'" has got to be going on. In just a few months the anniversary of the 9/11 will be upon us and just exactly what (if anything) have we accomplished over the past nine months?

    Any thoughts or comments .....

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    Good question Gunner---seems as if the 'bleeding hearts' have taken center stage again---more worried about protecting everyones rights including that little p---k, John Walker Lindh---. They had the Seabees in Gitmo build housing for those sorry bastards, including flush toilets and privacy. They should have seen how the Seabees live when they go out on detachment---- like we did in the Philippines during the Korean War. The FBI is in a distracted mode now trying to cover it's ass, and it seems as if that old clique of 'DIVIDE AND CONQUER' still applies. Maybe all the battles and firefights are being done clandestinely now---we have Chondra Levy and that little pipsqueek Gary Condit hogging the news---and don't forget Jesse Jackson going on his peace mission---and Al Sharpton running for the High office. What the hell is the world coming to???? Wilborn

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    Re: Where Are We Here
    Looks like all eyes are on India & Pakistan lately,
    that area seem about to blow soon, I hope the
    hell it doesn't, the fall out from those nukes will
    no doubt reach us here, not good, not good at
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