Where were you when you heard?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ruffitt, Mar 1, 2003.

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    Jan 28, 2003
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    (9/16/01 9:09:16 am)
    Where were you when you heard?
    Bob in St Louis's tale of hardship got me to thinking...where were you when you heard?
    I was at work, and over the radio someone was screaming for a part. Our parts guy was trying his best, and then he said something like no airplanes are flying anywhere in the US. I thought, "What a putzy excuse. What does he mean no planes are flying? He's gonna get chewed on for that one." Then a short time later I went to break and there was a crowd of people around the TV, and as I turned the corner I saw the WTC explode. I almost dropped my breakfast.
    So... where were you?

    (9/16/01 9:34:45 am)
    Re: Where were you when you heard?
    We were remodeling a customer's house...the customer had just walked out the door for a two-week trip to Switzerland. He was scheduled to fly out Tuesday at 1pm. He had advanced me the money for the work to be done, we finished discussing plans, etc. One worker had just flipped on the radio for music, cussing at getting only news...listened one minute to hear "terrror attack""all airports closed". I ran out the door, the customer was sitting in the driveway, listening on the car radio, and on the cell phone to the airline.

    Well, he tried (unsuccessfully) to get out, we all broke for a couple hours to watch CNN, and the towers collapse. I panicked at lunch time that day, and bought 2 cases of ammo (silly me). Now we wait for the other shoe to drop...

    (9/16/01 9:37:16 am)
    Re: Where were you when you heard?
    I was sitting in my bedroom at my computer typing a response on AssaultWeb watching ABC. I saw the 1st Tower burning but at the time they came on they were saying it looked like a prop plane had hit it (they didn't have the video from the private citizen who had taped the first plane crashing into it). While watching TV totally fascinated and saying to myself there was no way it was an accident (the commentators were thinking it was a tragic accident at the time) I saw the second plane hit and said SHIT! that's a commercial airline hitting that building!!!!!!!!!! I was shocked and could hardly tear my eyes away to get ready for work. I heard about the plane hitting the pentagon on my way to work and throughout the day watched scenes of what happened and what was going on at work - my boss has 3 TV's so she can tape things that relate to Public Affairs at the VA here.

    Everyone at the hospital was watching TV or listening to radios throughout the building that day. All the veterans were immediately saying go get those who did this. Some were wondering if they could re-enlist even though they were disabled.

    We heard immediately when our Air Force Base and National Guard went on Def Con Alert, security immediately was beefed up next door at the Federal Building and not a lot has changed since then.

    the real fredneck
    (9/16/01 9:48:30 am)
    Re: Where were you when you heard?
    Bree here:

    Was laying in bed listening to the TV that Fred had left on thinking it was a nasty dream til he came upstairs and asked if I had been watching what was on. Woke up in time to see the second plane hit and then the towers collapse. Left for work early as I work on a military base and security has ben extra tight ever since.
    Just the week before they issued stickers to get on base but even the stickers don't facilitate getting on. If you have a sticker like mine(civilian) you still get searched EVERY day. They've closed all gates but the main one and now I have to drive 90 miles a day instead of hust 60. Even with my little car I have to fill up every other day. Gas prices are on the rise again. Went from $2 to $1.69 to $1.46 back to $1.69.
    Things here are getting really tight as far as the base goes. We have the engineering school here and a lot of foreign soldiers training there.

    Robert Harden
    (9/16/01 2:38:20 pm)
    Re: Where were you when you heard?
    Sleeping and sleeping good. I didnt get to bed till around 7a.m. My girlfriend wakes me up around 1 p crying, trying to tell me what had happened. Naturally I was shocked. My dad was trying to get me on the phone (wondering if I would get activated, my FA unit got mobilized for Desert Storm, parents, lol, been out for 6 years) So my girlfriend was in a tizzy thinking he may be right. No more than got out of bed, and watched the news for a few in disbelief, when I got called in to work. Seems as if the entire town was at a gas station, and couldn't wait their turn, starting fight over who was next for gas, who was taking to long, and who was getting too much. But life goes on for some, in the midst of tragedy, a 16 year old kid took it upon himself to show some lady "his package". Crazy...

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    (9/16/01 2:51:32 pm)
    Re: Where were you when you heard?
    i was here on the forum checking in for the day ,drinking my coffee ,and i heard about the first plane ,then turned and starting watching ,the reporters here was dumfounded why planes where hitting the towers ,they actually thought both was just dumb pilots , and wanted to take action to were no other commercial flights would accidentally hit the tower

    my self ,in my own always paranoid state knew exactly what had happened when the first plane hit ,i have said many times ,i was surprised no one has hi-jacked a plane for this purpose ,but i was thinking of a smaller plane ,my biggest fear is that one would do this but spread anthrax from small Cessna ,it wouldn't take much

    i was at work when the o.k. city bombing ,and when we started bombing Baghdad, but sitting here watching it live was far for more scary

    (9/16/01 2:56:28 pm)
    Re: Where were you when you heard?
    I had just come-in and my girlfriend was telling what was going on... as I sat down, I seen the 2nd plane crash. Totally Incredible!
    I picked-up my Grizzly Wed. morning at the gunshop, and had the owner telling me of the fist fights at the gas pumps the night before. He also told me that Tue. was his best day in business EVER! Imagine that?

    (9/16/01 3:51:47 pm)
    Re: Where were you when you heard?
    I learned of it right here on TFF. I had gotten my first morning cup of coffee, came up and checked at the "Admin", then saw that the first post in "General Discussion" was to turn on the TV, that a plane had hit the WTC.

    Spent the next 4 days glued to the TV set.....disgusted by the senseless loss of life, but very proud of my fellow Americans.

    (9/16/01 6:56:25 pm)
    Re: Where were you when you heard?
    I was wathching the morning news when it was
    interupted with a special report by CBS and as we
    watched I saw the 2nd plane hit, due to my wifes
    injury during our move I couldn't go but if all goes
    well I plan on leaving tommorrow for NY and will
    meet up with NYPD and do my fair share of helping
    to find my fellow brothers on the work detail.

    (9/16/01 8:09:22 pm)
    Re: Where were you when you heard?
    I was in my office at the EMS station going over some training reports when the dispatcher buzzed me on the intercom and told me the World Trade Center was under attack and had been hit by an airplane. I thought she was joking and told her that it wasn't in our district. Then I heard how scared she sounded so I went up front to the dispatch office and saw the TV footage. Called the wife and woke her up, she got scared and spent the rest of the day at the station.

    Hell, I got scared.

    (9/16/01 8:15:41 pm)
    Where I was
    Just putting a patient on Heart - lung bypass, the director of surgery brought us in a TV, just as he turned it on, we all watched, in horror, the second plane impact on the WTC. Took us all a minute to get back to what we needed to do. Very silent 4 hours in surgery.

    (9/17/01 3:20:37 am)
    Re: Where I was
    At work getting ready to go home and hit the sack. That didn't happen for another 15 hours. One of the guys said a plane just flew into one of the towers, I thought lawsuit, then a second and I though, holy shi*. Something is majorly wrong. TSHTF.

    (9/17/01 11:58:45 am)
    Re: Where were you when you heard?
    I had just fired up the computer and was checking in to see what folks were posting when I got the "heads up" from Postal's thread. Turned on the TV in utter disbelief. Margaret came home from work, crying, they had sent everyone home early. Nobody was getting anything done anyway, and people just wanted to go home and hug their loved ones.

    Been doing everything from fieldwork to picking up supplies with one eye on the sky (we're 15 miles from one of the few bases to house B-52s) and one ear listening to the radio. Also made sure of plenty of ammo for all weapons on hand. A little paranoid? Maybe. Actually more concerned at this point with the possibility of civil unrest following more terrorist attacks than anything else. Trust in the Lord, but pass the ammunition?

    Figure if our base here is targeted, I probably won't know much of anything anymore, anyway. Hopefully, next year at this time, we'll all still be here, arguing over the merits of one particular gun over another, or cracking jokes with each other.

    Que sera, sera.

    (9/17/01 12:03:47 pm)
    Re: Where were you when you heard?
    I was asleep when my daughter called and said turn on the TV. Lucky me I was just in time to see the 2nd hyjacked airliner hit the other tower.

    Hope I'm awake when the cruise missles start raining down on the Afgan leaders hiding Benny the terriost.
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