which is best for a new shooter??

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    i have a little brother that will be 6 years old on April 29th. ive already started teaching him how to shoot with my daisy bb/pellet gun (only with supervision of course). im thinking a few years into the future (like for when hes 10) but... what do you think would be the best starter firearm? ive thought about a SxS .410 for a long time but i got thinking...like someone posted some time ago, you'll notice recoil less if you start higher and go down. so then i got thinking 20ga. and then i thought...well why not go for a combo rifle with interchangeable 20ga and .22lr barrels? then my little bro started expressing intrest in hunting (the kid is 6!! awesome!!:cool:). he loves helping me clean my firearms when i break them down after plinking or hunting or whatever. so now im considering a youth model remington 700 in .243 or a ruger hawkeye compact in .243 with the youth or compact he could still use it when he gets older, unless hes gonna be the next andre the giant, and he could maybe pass it on to his son or daughter. im leaning more toward the .243 and am looking for some advice... would love to hear from all of y'all:D:D
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    my buddie and i have raised our kids early in life shooting and hunting. he has 3 boys all killed at 8 or 9 years of age with a 243. i have a girl that killed her first at 9 with a very heavy 308 (no kick). the problem is that all rifles wil not shoulder for kids at this age. because of this it is hard on the kids because they hold too close to the scope. it only took a couple more years and she was in a youth mdl savage 7mm 08. i would do it different next time. i would start off with the 223 for those arkward years then go to a deer rifle and use the 223 for turkeys. ive seen many deer taken with 223 especially with kids. boys at 10 or 12 have had lots of bb gun practice and are usually dead on and make good shots to take down deer.

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    Here in Jersey hole, no rifles are permitted for hunting. Always been that way.
    So shotgun is/ was the only option.
    When I first started shooting/ hunting... I was taught with a 12 Ga.
    and I wasn't a big kid. I was tiny and girl like, but my father was an a**hole and he didn't care.

    So a year or so ago when my son came of age we took him out shooting all different kinds of shotguns. He's small framed like I was at that age. Wouldn't even attempt the 12Ga. Not only that... Not all the guns we brought could he easily use due to fitment.

    Then we took him to Gander Mountain and let him pick out what HE wanted and what fit him well.
    So for a first gun, and a cheap gun, he ended up getting a Rossi single barrel 20 Ga.
    it's a crap gun. But for a 'starter' gun it was perfect.
    He was a little trigger shy so we had to take small steps.

    Now he's done quite a bit more shooting with alot of different weapons and is constanly on GanderMountain.com and comes out at least every week and tells me what he wants his 'next' gun to be.
    They keep changing from week to week ;)