Which rifle brass is best?

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    Best for what?

    I found the article in the Handloader on comparison of different brass. The guy is doing a series of articles over time on the best load for a 223 in a Copper. At the time of the article he had already setteld in on Winchester brass, the bullet, the primer, and the seating depth. Using that as the comparison he tested for accuracy several different cases: Winchester, Remington, Nosler, Norma, and Lapua.

    The article is good reading and the results were that the Remington brass gave smaller groups, regardless that some of the other manufacture's brass was made to tighter tolerances.

    So for accuracy should you pay more for "better" brass? I guess the answer according to the article is NO, at least for 223 in a Cooper, his Cooper.

    Handloader No.252 April 2008

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    Interesting. I like when writers do the tests on things I wonder about. At least it helps to form an opinion.

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    I read the very same article and found it to be quite interesting as well . I must admit I am a bit anal in my reloading and use different brass for different calibres as some are more readily available than others but will stick with one headstamp though a load developement and then stay with it . I dont do bench rest type stuff but do tend to expect my varmit loads to be close to that and my other hunting loads to consistantly give sub moa performance. I prep all of my brass even new stuff to the extreme and have yet seen the need to buy Norma or Lapau for any of my needs. I neck size a great deal of my brass and am careful to track the number of firings and anneal them after every 3rd loading with great longevity for my brass . I neck turn the brass for all my varmiter brass and only the new cases that have noteable runout of more than .003 in my hunting loads. This is a one time thing when new and never repeated. I use a lot of Remington, almost as much Winchester, one rifle dedicated to Federal Premiums and have multiple loads for my .223 that includes some Lake City, each for certain special load to be repeated over and over. I suppose had I read that article first I might have just went with Remingtons but I am not about to fix what aint broken