Which S&W 38 Special?

Discussion in 'Centerfire Pistols & Revolvers' started by Zigzag2, Feb 24, 2003.

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    I'm thinking of getting a S&W revolver and wanted to get some input on which of the lighter-weight models to get. I'm looking at the models 342PD, 442, 337PD, and 337. Anyone tried these? I like the light weight, but I'm wondering how accurate they are (and how much kick). Of course, if I can find a local range that has them to rent, I'll give them a try.


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    light weight short barrel revolvers are going to kick and bellow like a cape buffalo in rutting time. Hmmm...do CBs rut, I'll have to ask the experts on that one.

    However, I have seen some individuals using what I presume was moderate loads do creditable work on target shooting with the sawed off Smitties.

    I'd go out and rent one first...if you can find one to rent.


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    you aren't going to be impressed with the accuracy at ~50'+.
    only people I've seen perform well with a 2" .38 spend a LOT of time (& $) on practice.

    On the flip side, if intended as a carry gun, they are certainly accurate enough for 'point-and-shoot' techniques at the statistical average 'combat' distance, =<7 yards.

    You might want to check the relatively new Taurus Titanium pieces, everything I've read has been favorable. Not sure how they compare $-wise to the S&W snubbies.

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    Hey Jay,
    Just a suggestion, snap up a model 36. You can't go wrong, real classic, and if you shop around they're not that expensive at all. Heck, I can get a NEW one cheaper than one of those space age Taurus's. Believe me there is no way you will regret buying a plain jane M36, it's just too much of a classy gun.
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    Just something to consider. If you would consider forgoing the super light weight models (which should be OK if you use good leather) you can get better shootability and accuracy with a 3" barreled J frame such as a model 60 (.357).

    That said, I did once have a 2" model 36 that could hit a 35mm film canister at 20 paces pretty regularly but one really had to concentrate.

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