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Spend $130. and get a Mueller APV 4 X 14 X 42 AO scope.
Excellent optics for the price, good retical for fast shooting as well as more precise shooting and lifetime warrenty.

It's a scope that's a keeper. Mine has gone on several different rifles.
You have to spend twice as much to get better optics and what ever scope you get, make sure it's an AO scope so you can adjust the parrellex for the distance you are shooting.

The Mueller may be towards the bottom of the quality scopes, but it will never end up in the drawer with the other cheap scopes as you upgrade, you will always want it on one of your rifles. Really a great scope for the money.

Optics is one place not to scrimp. Even if you cannot afford a lot, at $130 delivered with a sunshade, the Mueller is well worth buying.
The deficiencies of cheap scopes become apparent the first time you shoot them. The only thing that you will find with the Mueller is that a more expensive scope will be a little sharper, but the sharpness of the Mueller is great for the price.

John K
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