Who is the best Yugo Mauser supplier??

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    C & R Rec'd yesterday and maybe this question has been asked a zillion times - who sells the best Yugo Mauser??

    I just spent the last couple of hours perusing the 20 pages here and I have read the CIA horror stories and have seen a lot of nice Yugo M48' and 48A's

    I have looked at Inter Ordanance and several others but I keep going back to KY Imports ad in 2-17 Shotgun News. I am looking at the Egyptian 48 unissued at $199. or the Yugo 48 unissued at $269.what do you folks think?

    Are some of the other suppliers shipping good products and if so what grade should be ordered?

    My priority is to have an accurate authentic Mauser that I can shoot on Saturdays that might hold its value over the years.

    I have an H & R M1 on order from CMP but who knows when that will come and spring is already here in South Carolina!!

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    I just received a beauty from CDNN in Abilene, TX, and it cost me a mere $105.00 delivered! www.cdnninvestments.com/cdnn/

    I already have an "unissued" M48 and got this one only because it was a good deal. This was billed as being in "VG" condition, with matching numbers, and it turned out to be much better than expected. Granted, it's a M48A, but quite nice none the less. Bore is perfect, as is the furniture. They also have "unissued" ones in stock as well. If you call there ask for Brad. He's treated me good in the past.


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    Wholesale Guns & Ammo has LN M-48A's listed for $109 in the latest Shotgun News, IIRC.

    While they aren't the most bubbly people on the phone, I've never gotten a bad item from them, and they ship quickly. YMMV