Who (what) blew up the USS Mane?

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    Reply Who (What) blew up the USS Maine?
    Let's get you conspiracy nuts to go back farther than JFK!
    The Spanish with a mine.
    The Cubans with a mine.
    Coal fire in a bunker.
    William Randolph Hearst
    Careless smoking. (or other, please explain)

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    Reply Re: Who (What) blew up the USS Maine?
    I believe it WAS a mine, but the Spanish would NOT be dumb enough to do it. The Cubans? Maybe. just to get us involved in their independence fight.

    Hearst? Maybe too, he DID have that gunrunner/explosive smuggler visit Havana just before, and he WAS on his payroll once...

    Kinda neat when they refloated her, but I wish they didn't sink her again in 1912 without a real verdict...

    Too many people passed that bunker not to have felt the heat, many ships including the Oregon had coal bunker fires right before and during the war, but the warning bells worked, and the fires were felt by heat before they exploded...

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    Reply conspiracy theory omitted from poll
    You're not going to believe this, but current official doctrine in Cuba has it that the US Government blew the Maine up on purpose, in order to let us get into a war with Spain and thus control the island. It was necessary for us to do something quick to provoke the public, since the Cuban guerrillas just about had the Spaniards beaten. For proof they point out that most of Maine's officers were onshore at the time, so the victims were mostly enlisted. They included -- and this gets heavy emphasis -- many Blacks in the crew. There's also a bit about our destroying the evidence before an impartial (ie, Cuban) investigation could be carried out.

    The only people who think the Spanish did it are McKinley and Hearst, and I read somewhere that they're no longer among the living. OT: rather tacky for Guiteau and Czolgosz to use cheap suicide specials to assassinate presidents. Well, there was that Carcano, too. Rosebud.

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    Reply Re: conspiracy theory omitted from poll
    Ditto, what he said!
    Keep off the Ridgeline!!

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    Reply Re: conspiracy theory omitted from poll
    Well, when they raised the Maine, evidence showed the explosion to have been internal....so that rules out a mine.

    I suspect a coal dust explosion.

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    Reply Re: conspiracy theory omitted from poll
    NOT REALLY!...There was STILL evidence both ways!

    That's the problem...one OFFICIAL report from the engineers stake there claim on the buckle point, and the keel rib that was above water after the explosion as PROVING it was external.

    The OTHER "official" report says internal...but that guy had an "agenda."

    It would be like having TWO Warren Reports, both believable!

    I base it on the fact the mooring bouy was in the wrong place, even for the "seasoned" harbor pilots. EVERYONE knew and the charts showed "bouy #5" to be THERE, suddenly right before the Maine comes up the channel it "mysteriously" is switched with #4 for no reason, and nobody can explain it. Just coincidetally, closer to shore...

    Then, the day it blew, was the first time the Maine swung that way, almost 180degrees, TOWARDS the shore. Right over a command detonated mine?

    First, the bunker alarm bells were just checked, and they were pretty simple and foolproof. They did NOT sound an alarm.

    At least 10 sailors testified they had passed in the passageway along side the bunker that they claim blew immediately prior to the bang, and NO ONE felt heat, several even testified they TOUCHED the wall as a precaution and felt nothing. Every other coal bunker fire, and that was pretty common in those days, was discovered by the heat first, then smoke. The Oregon's was discovered by a hand walking by just like the testimony from the Maine sailors, and they were already emptying the bunker when the alarm bells went off from the heat, long before any chance of explosion.

    I would believe a MAGAZINE explosion before I believed a bunker, given the testimony. Yeah I know, but what reason did the SALTS have to lie? Most of them were Irish or other immigrants anyway, no reason to hate Spain.

    The final report in 1912 actually raised more questions than answers, and jumped to a few conclusions.

    The ONLY thing that makes me think internal is the fact that no BP Mine could have that much damage without causing an sympathetic internal...BUT that's where the rub comes in from the final report...it places the focal point of the blast back farther than originally thought, and makes the chance of that sympathetic internal explosion more likely.

    Eyewitnesses heard, and distinctly felt a "rumble," then a blast. I think, "there it is..."

    SOooo... I vote for a mine, which set off the forward magazine.

    We REALLY will never know...

    Now McKinley and the "suicide specials..." I would even believe Oswald killed Kennedy with the Carcano if he shot him at THAT range...wouldn't even NEED to concoct the "disappearing 'Magic' bullet" from PB range!

    Oswald was a patsy...but for whom we may never know...

    You know, I'm ever slow slowly beginning to wonder if McVeigh isn't one too....

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    Reply Re: conspiracy theory omitted from poll
    Hey Polish....Guiseppe Zangara demands equal time! Granted, he missed FDR and only got Mayor Anton Cermak, but he DID use a .32 "Suicide Special".

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    Reply Re: conspiracy theory omitted from poll
    Never eat beans on an empty stomach, the death of many a sailor.................

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    Reply Maine
    I go with XRacer. Just an accident, fortuitous for the Hearst papers. But don't trust me; see my Lee Harvey Oswald answers.

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    Reply Re: Maine
    la cocaracha
    after all they are the only survivors