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    When our country add the rest of the western world have gone socialist/communist who will keep an accurate account of history. For years i have studied the histories and the falls of many countries and civilisations.Russia and china interested me. they destroyed most of their own histories and records and rewrote them for their people to study. we kept an accurate account of what happened so it did not dissapeer.when we are gone who will their be to tell the truth . we are allready rewriting our history books to make them more politically correct. how long will the vatican last without a free world ?
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    rockn....through word of mouth...passing it down to our children, nieces, nephews...whoever will listen. Planting it in their hearts and minds so that they can carry it with them to their children. Read "old" history books to them; give old history books as gifts...whatever it takes.

    For centuries, history was preserved through story-telling...it appears we may be repeating history in yet another way!

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    In evry way have we repeated history. Empires have risen and fallen countless times, each thinking they learned a lesson from the last. Wee have, of course, done the same. The so called "free countries" we have control of makes us an empire.
    i f we must we will use old history books. Write down every word of every page if you have to, but keep your children informed. I am constantly correcting my kids teachers. I have done it right in front of them and then they take me aside and say that they agree but they are not allowed to teach it to that grade level. Since when are you not allowed to teach the Decleration of Independence to a 6th grade class. This country wont make it and when it falls there will be blood shed. I have spent hours teaching my kids this. They know that we have a corrupt government, and i have to constantly explain they have to take care of themselves and their mother when the time comes to fight. I wont have them fight a war knowing they don't have proper armour and more than a hunting rifle. I know it wont keep them alive for ever, but it will keep them alive long enough for me to get to them.