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whole unburned flakes in the barrel?

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Hi Everyone,

I've learned a lot from this forum, and thought I'd been doing well, but I don't recall seeing this question before -

At my last range visit I ran a set of 47 ( I tend to lose about 6% during loading) loads through my .380 Auto LCP. This was 2.8gr of 700-X, pushing a 90 gr Hornady XTP JHP. They cycle well, no trouble getting the bullet downrange, that part worked fine.

But as I was cleaning afterwards, I ran a brush down the barrel and out came several unburned flakes of powder. A couple of full flakes, and lots of little pieces of flakes.

I don't know enough to adjust my process/recipe to correct this. Or is it even something to worry about?

Thanks for any advice you can give,

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Nothing that is going to do any harm, but it may not be an effective powder for your particular combination. If this is just the start of your load workups, I would continue working up and see what results you have.
Thats an idication of too slow burn rate. change toa fastwer burning powder and I bet your velocity will increase as well. Basicall what it amounts to is the short barrel is too short for the entire charge weight to be consumed, therefore youre wasting energy in the form of muzzle flash and unburned powder as the bullet exits the barrel. Give Titegroup a shot, literally. i find it is ideally suited to short barrels.
Thanks Guys,

I'll try the the titegroup and see how that works out. It's kind of hard to find much right now, but if the titegroup doesn't fix it, I'l keep going trying faster powers till something works.
Also; 700X can be just plain dirty.....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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