Why things are said.

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    Lawyer for the defendant to the plaintiff on the stand:
    Mr. Smith, you are suing my client for injuries, medical bills, and pain and suffering that allegedly occurred as a result of a traffic accident six months ago involving you and my client?

    Plaintiff: ( a very old man ) Yes Sir .

    Lawyer for the defendant:
    Your Honor, I asked that this case be dismissed. I have as evidence, the written report from the state trooper that worked this accident that states that upon arrival at the accident scene, he asked Mr. Smith if he was injured and got the reply “ No Officer, I am fine.”

    Judge turns to Mr. Smith: Sir did you say that to the trooper?
    Mr. Smith: Yes sir I said that, but I would like to explain.

    Judge: Ok, go ahead and explain.

    Mr. Smith: Well your Honor I was in my old pickup, pulling my old trailer with my old mule Sam in the trailer. My old dog Jake was in the bed of the truck. We were going down the two lane country road when this vehicle came over the hill real fast on my side of the road. I had to dive for the bar ditch to keep from having a head-on. Well the old truck tipped up on its’ side, the trailer too. We bounced through the bar ditch and hit the fence row. I must have blacked out after that for awhile, but when I awoke the truck was over on its’ passenger side, full of smoke. I was thrown to the passenger side floorboard and couldn’t get out. I was a hurtin real bad. I could hear my old mule Sam screaming. Must have been trapped in the trailer! I could here old Jake, my dog, a crying something awful. I could not get to them. I could tell they were in a lot of pain. I then heard a siren coming up from behind and heard a door slam. I heard a gunshot and Sam stopped screaming… I heard another shot and Jake stopped moaning. Then I saw a great big trooper peering into the truck at me. He was holding a big old revolver with smoke curling out the barrel. I heard him ask sternly….Sir! are you injured? That is why I answered the trooper the way I did!
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