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(12/3/01 7:23:51 pm)
| Edit | Del All Why?
Why do some of the postings end up so wide that I end up with a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen?
As an example in the general discussion forum today the posting started by gpostal is almost 3 screens wide. it is entitled "big pos from us".
Fortunately most postings are narrow enough that I don't have a problem.

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(12/3/01 8:52:00 pm)
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I am not as technically as knowledgable as some of the others, but I think it has to do with the filesize of a pic, or gif. If it is too big, it increases the screen size. It don't happen very often. It might also have to do if you have a small monitor. These are all that I can think of.


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(12/3/01 8:57:36 pm)
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Re: Why?

The post you refered to is narrow on my screen
however, some oversized photo's will make the
screen longer.

If you go to any of the main forum pages near the
the left top you will see a link that says "My Control
Center", click on it and when the next page appears
click on "Edit preferences" and in there you will see
a place that says "Post Area Width 60"

You can change the width of the text area when posting new messages. Depending upon the browser you use, you may want to increase or decrease this value.


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(12/3/01 10:30:39 pm)
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Since the wide screen only happens once in a while I will live with it. In looking back at the posting the web site address is the probabal cause because it is so long.
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