Wilson Combat and Kahr 9mm

Discussion in 'Centerfire Pistols & Revolvers' started by Country101, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. Country101

    Country101 Well-Known Member

    Feb 28, 2004
    NW AR
    Went shooting with my new uncle-in-law(He'd fit in great here. He's probably got over 100 guns and knows quite a bit.) this afternoon. He had his Wilson Combat .45(VERY nice) and a Kahr 9mm. The Kahr was pretty new and was jamming on a full clip. Other than that, i liked it a lot. If it quits jamming after a couple hundred more rounds, I'll put my stamp of approval on it, no question. The .45 was an excelent gun. very smooth and enjoyable to operate. Breaking it down afterwards was a breeze as well. I know most of yall's opinions on the .45, but what do yall think of the Kahr?
  2. Hydra Shok

    Hydra Shok Member

    Feb 17, 2003
    Chasing my Seven Year Old
    I have only handled a Kahr at the local gun shows, but the feel in the hand is nice and the size and weight is perfect for an all day carry piece to me.

  3. Knuckle_Dragger

    Knuckle_Dragger New Member

    Mar 18, 2004
    Lodi, Ca
    I haven't handled a Kahr, but I haven't yet read a bad review of it. Everyone seems to like this gun. As far as jamming is concerned, I'd give it a couple hundred rounds and a few good cleanings and then see how it goes. If it still jams then, send it back to the factory and see what they can do for you.

    I have a Beretta that was a jam-o-matic untill 400 rounds and a few cleanings. I haven't seen a jam since.
  4. gpostal

    gpostal Former Guest

    Feb 20, 2003
    wilson combat rules!
  5. Shooter45

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    Feb 9, 2001
    Here at TFF
    Wilson Combat is now doing custom work on the Kahr 9.
  6. 45Smashemflat

    45Smashemflat Active Member

    Oct 6, 2003
    A friend loves his Kahr. Real thin - the compacts are being touted as a great back up piece by the local PD down here.
  7. stash247

    stash247 New Member

    Oct 18, 2003
    Central Texas
    Kahr 9

    There are 2 areas of concern in my mind for the little Kahr pistols.
    First, these little guns are rated for +P+ loads; that means they have a ferocious stout recoil spring. In a FTF malfunction, is the load stout enough???
    Second, they are small, as "serious" caliber guns go, and, accordingly, despite an attempt to increase slide mass on the '40's, have a really short cycle time, which means the magazine spring must also be really stout, to get the round up into position in time to be picked up and fed. Particularly if the FTF malfunction increases with the number of rounds in the mag, look at the mag spring critically; if weak, that could be the problem.
    My MK9, a SS pre production gun, was evidently hand fitted, judging by the (excellent) trigger, and has yet to fail to feed or function in any fashion; It has maybe 1500 rds down the pipe.
    As a type, they lack second strike capability, which is probably a good thing, unless you lack the digital strength for an immediate action drill (tap-rack-bang); in which case, pick a different gun.
    Hope this helps, Terry
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