win 94 "scout"

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    Just bought a win 94, I was thinking of using a "scout" configuration for the sites, has anyone done this or had any experience. Suggestions would be greatly appriciated

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    Welcome to the forum, Burnout - hope you will join us on the many other forums here on the board.

    I have the "Scout" setup on my Marlin 1895LTD and it works out well. The Ashley Scout Mount is attached to the two front scope mount holes in the receiver and then uses the dovetail on the barrel where the factory rear sight is installed. I have a Burris 2x7 Signature Posi-lock pistol scope in Burris "Z" rings, with the ocular lens just about even with the front edge of the receiver. This gives me about 9 1/2" of eye relief and affords a full field of view at all power settings.

    The rifle balance is thrown forward with this setup, however, nothing that can't be acclimated to. With a little use, both eyes may stay open and the target quickly acquired. For normal hunting, I have the scope on low power unless there is an opportunity to turn it up on a standing shot.
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    Mar 26, 2003
    With the way the scope throws the balance forward, this would go well on a trapper length barrel (16"), and make it easier to hump in the brush too. I wonder how one of the Trijicon scopes would do here?

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