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I have a question for one of the Winchester Experts out there. I am in the process of rebuilding a Winchester 1894 Carbine Sporting Rifle 32-40, s/n 4052 , 26" Octagon Barrel with full Magazine. I have had a difficult time finding a Schematic for the rifle, just 1894s that are close, but none with the Forend Tip and Magazine Ring and Ring Pin like mine. I received some good advice about a problem that I should get a 1892 to see the Magazine Ring and Pin setup and later have read a couple of articles leading me to believe that the First Model 1894's were built more like an 1892 and I would like someone to confirm this for me. When I got the Mag Tube off, there were a couple of stamps in the barrel. "VP" enclosed in a circle, a "5 point Star".
Is there any significance to these things?
Thank You,
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