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Winchester 1894 spring question

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I have a Winchester 1894 ser# 51434 built in 1896(that is what the owner said) in the shop that needs a trigger stop spring.
I have worked on a few of these but have not run into a spring that looks like this.
It is 2 piece the top spring is for the trigger stop and the bottom one is for the sear.
The bottom one is broke and all that I can find are the one piece springs.
Will they work(the one piece) and should it be a pre or post model that will work.
Here are pics. to help understand what I am asking.
Thanks in advance.


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mike... is it possible to make a new spring... if tempering is an issue... I can do that! Ill just need to know what kind of steel you use.
If originality is not a requirement, wire springs have been made to sub for both springs with a single wire spring. Winchester originally called the later single piece spring a "sear and safety catch" spring, and that is what it is called by some parts suppliers.

The one piece should work fine Mike. Get one for a pre 64'
Thank you for your help :thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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