Winchester 1903

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    Oct 27, 2011
    So I'm new here but I love the place already. Just wanted to share this funny story.

    My father was an avid gun guy and I inherited many collector guns . . . some of which I will not discuss. Others were real cool plinking guns. One of the guns I got was a mint condition Winchester 1903 .22

    Now, before I knew much about this gun I assumed that it was a regular .22 and I tried to shoot regular ammo. I always thought something was wrong with the gun because it would only fire maybe 1 out of 5 rounds I tried. I finally gave up.

    One day I'm searching around on the 'net and I run across an article about this gun and learn the history on that cartridge. Needless to say I felt like a dummy trying to shoot ammo that was too small in it.

    I searched and searched and finally gave up trying to get some ammo for it. After seeing people selling ammo from that batch of OWS for several bucks a round, I was disgusted and decided it would just go over the fireplace.

    Then one day I'm at the barber shop talkin' guns with my long time barber. He says he knows a guy that might have some. Several months later, I come in for a haircut and he hands me a box of Winchester .22 Automatic. I take it home and check it with my calipers and it is dead on.

    They were the older rounds in a copper casing, not the newer OWS stuff. After looking the rounds over for a while, I thought they looked familiar. I go out to the shop and open the box of collector rounds that i also inherited from my father; low and behold, there is a whole handful of that old .22 automatic stuff laying in there.

    The moral of the story is: inventory what you have and write it down. :D

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    Just one thing, Glassparman...


    We live for Rifle Pron!! :D