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(3/24/02 10:56:25 am)
Reply | Edit | Del All Winnie 94 NRA commemorative
Saw a supper clean,but not NIB,is it worth 350 or is that high?Never liked the action of the 94 but this one feels great,any thought on this?Not sure why I'm looking since rifles aren't legal here to hunt with,that's why I sold my 336.But something about the wood and the action keeps calling me.............."SxS want to hold me again,SxS I see you like my action,SxS......want to take me home?"

These winnies,I think they're all sluts

PS This is a 1971 comm.

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(3/24/02 11:07:31 am)
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Since it is not NIB, it`s just another 94. Price accordingly. Regards LTS
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