Winchester 9422, not XTR

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    Reply Winchester 9422, not XTR
    Hi all,

    Anyone remember the original Winchester Model 9422?

    Just a plain, walnut stocked, little gun. A few years ago I
    walked into a gun store, real casual like, and I spotted this gun, brand new, in the gun rack. Looking like I couldn't care less about this ol' plain gun, I fingered the shiny fancy ones
    next to it, I caught the clerk not looking and I did a finger
    lock on her that Conan the Barb. couldn't have pried loose.

    I caught the clerks attention and said where did this ugly
    thing come from? An out of gun bidness hardware store he
    said, don't think we'll ever sell it. Palms began to sweat.
    Sure 'nuff I said, everybody wants the shiny looking ones.

    I don't actually remember what I paid for it, but he was glad I bought it to get it off the rack. Told him I'd give it to my nephews to bang around. Didn't want to give them a good gun.

    Anyway she is as plain as they come. She is still a virgin.
    Anybody know when these were last made and what it is

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    Reply Re: Winchester 9422, not XTR
    From what I can see barbon the traditional 9422 was built from 1972-present. MSR:$444.00, 100% $340.00.

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    Reply Re: Winchester 9422, not XTR
    Hey Zigzag, greetings and salutations,

    zig on the website, the Traditional 9422 is what used to
    be called the XTR, it has the more lusterous finish with
    the stock and forarm checkered.

    The original 9422 does not have the checkering and the
    blue is just a plain blue. They are so plain, they are beautiful, I always
    wanted one forever. I have the 9422 XTR or Traditional also.
    But this is an earlier model gun.
    Also it is not USRAC, it's Winchester.


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    Reply Re: Winchester 9422, not XTR
    that dog-gone Fjestad...

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    Reply Re: Winchester 9422, not XTR
    Seems like I was sweaty palmed over these guns before
    1972, but then I was shooting a Winchester 62A, got stolen.
    I didn't know that both the plain one and the fancy one were
    all made at the same time.

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    Re: Winchester 9422, not XTR
    The original 9422's (for that matter, ALL 9422's) are great shooters and are HOT sellers on the used market.

    The magnums are even better.
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    Oct 27, 2007
    I have 2 9422's I want to sell
    Both are mint never been fired in the box
    1st, is 9422 25th Anniversary Edition 1 of 250 serial # ETFH155 never been fired in the box
    1 side engraved 1 of 250 with scrolling
    other side engraved 25th anniversary with man on horse
    The other is a 9422M Win Magnum Tribute never been fired in the box
    has 9422 Tribute engraved on 1 side
    other side has man on horseback
    If you are interested contact me, make me a offer,
    Gary 810-714-5442

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