Winchester ammo for M44

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    What can anyone tell me about Winchester 7.62x54R? I think I read somewhere that it's made by someone else. I saw it at a sporting goods store for $13/box. Is this a typical price? Seems to be a good alternative to that green steel case stuff to put through an M44, and doesn't cost $30/box like Norma.

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    Even if it's made elsewhere, if it's got the Winchester name on it, it's been thru their quality control.

    I wouldn't be afraid to give it a try.

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    If I'm not mistaken, it's made for Winchester by Sellier & Belliot.

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    Yeah, I bought two boxes at a gunshow last year to put back for the cases if the surplus stuff ever dries up (fat chance!), paid $9.99 a box, and in small print on the back of the box under the WW it says "Made in Czechoslovakia." It's just S+B with WW headstamps, I figure I might as well just stick with the real S+B for $8.99 a box when I need it. If I ever hunt with a Mosin I'll use the S+B, they make soft points for the same price, Winchester still only has the FMJ, which I never figured out why, when there is so much surplus stuff floating around.

    But yeah, stay away from the green lacquered steel case stuff if you shoot more than a few rounds at a time in a Nagant, but there are lots of good brass case surplus around, I pay anywhere from $39 to $50 a tin of 440 rounds at shows...the best I've ever gotten recently is the Albanian late 80s stuff, bought a tin for $35 about a year ago, then it dried up but then I found some more at the last show in January for $12/100 in sealed plastic bags, I hope it's coming back. You can find many different types of Russian brass stuff if you look, all different ages from the 60s to the 90s, some are better than others, but a few shows ago they were selling "Yugoslavian Repacks" of 15 round boxes for $2, I believe 390 or 420 in a tin, pretty cheap and it was actually decent and recent Russian stuff...I bought a couple of boxes to try it out then next show couldn't find it...par for the course...

    The surplus stuff is all corrosive no matter what the ads say, but that's no problem...pick up a can of the old WWII US bore cleaner at a show for $1 and a couple of patches of it down the bore after shooting will take care of it...

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