Winchester have bad ammo

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  1. Sigman

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    Apr 24, 2012
    Bought this ammo from Walmart 9mm Luger 115 grain full metal jackets. Whent threw half box and found 6 bullets not seated all the way in casings. Anybody run into this should I contact winchester this is second box that I've had this happen to me the other one was not bought at Walmart. What is wierd is three of casings look oblong where bullet is and they don't say 9mm Luger win on them. They say wcc 12 + got some pics. Should I just despose of them or call Winchester. Don't know how to load them from phone compared to anouther win bullet I have they stick out 1/8 or more jamming my gun
  2. Dirtypacman

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    Mar 3, 2008
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    Absolutely call Winchester, it needs to be documented anytime there is a high failure rate like that in a batch. I am sure your not the only one finding those problems.

  3. Hammerslagger

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    Jul 30, 2009
    "WCC" is for Western (or Winchester) Cartridge Co. The "12" is for 2012. The "+" indicates that the cartridge is loaded above US standard pressure. In short such a head marking is not for commercial ammo. It is usually found on ammo loaded for a government agency or the military.

    A bullet not seated to the correct overall cartridge length may be a loose fit in the cartridge case; and may be unsafe to fire.

    Contact Winchester ammo customer service from a toll free phone number that you can find on the internet. I would not shoot any more ammo from this lot.

    Phone # 800 356 2666 option 3 then option 6. Have the box with the lot # on it when you call.
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  4. armoredman

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    Sep 5, 2011
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    DOCUMENT everything you do with Winchester Customer Service - I got jacked when one of their primers fell apart and jammed a firearm I was using. When I sent it in as requested, it "disappeared", go figure.
  5. medalguy

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    Feb 20, 2009
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    Sounds like another reeeeeeeally good reason to reload! :eek:
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