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I recently picked up s win 12 featherweight in 88-90% cond (estimate of course). I am having difficulty finding an accurate (approx) value. I have found from $500 to $900 for its condition. I am not able to post pics because I do not have access to a desktop and I cant get it done from this phone. Very faint wear lines on the slide, inside looks new, a couple small scuffs on the buttstock. Serial # puts it as a '61 model. A friends dad has one and we both grew up shooting it and basically learned to use a shotgun with it. This is the 2nd featherweight that he has seen. (I know they arent exactly "rare" but just hadnt stumbled on another.) The shop had it labeled as a 25/12, and the guy started in on a BS sales pitch, not knowing what he was talking about it. So I bought it. Then explained a little about it. I didnt buy it for selling, but just curious at what theyll normally bring now days. I got out the door for $352.41.
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