Winchester Model 12 Slam-Fires

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by CountryGunsmith, Feb 24, 2003.

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    (1/5/03 10:17:39 am)
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    I have the opportunity to trade for a winchester model 12 20ga for a fair price. However the shotgun fires if you hold the trigger down when the action is closed. The seller says he got it that way and it is supposed to be that way. It doesn't sound right to me and I think it may be in need of repair, a disconnector maybe? Has anyone had any experience with this and is it an expensive or complicated fix?

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    Sounds to me like a very worn sear, or reassembled in an incorrect manner. ThinK I'd pass on it unless the problem could be remedied economically.
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    This is a problem, as opposed to "normal." It is somewhat common on the model 12, but more often seen on the model 97. Generally it can be traced to a worn sear.
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    Thanks - it didn't seem right, even though it was a "gunsmith" who told me.

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    It's not a worn sear. There is a stud on the side of the hammer that is engaged by the slide lock. The slide lock holds the hammer in the cocked position while the action is being cycled. More than likely, the stud on the hammer is worn. It's not like it's supposed to be, but it's only a problem if you hold the trigger to the rear while cycling the action. If it's priced where you can have the hammer replaced and still come out to the good, you may want to consider buying it.


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    (1/13/03 5:21:11 pm)
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    I went ahead with the trade, an argentine police hi power I bought for 250.00 4 years ago and he kicked in 75.00. I don't think i'll get hurt as long as the repair isn't prhibitive.

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    I was under the impression that older Model 12s and some other shotguns would do this because they were made without disconnectors - at least that's what I read. I had an old Marlin shotgun that would do this...

    Some people considered this a "feaure" because you can hold the trigger back and fire off shots as fast as you can pump.

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    Re: Thanks Lee
    That was the '97, not the Model 12.
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    The Mdl 97 was made to shoot with the trigger down and pump fire the weapon. That is why they were the prefered shot gun of lawmen and outlaws around the turn of the 20th century. I just love the love the old 97s but watch that hammer it will eat your thumb.


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    Yep, the Winchester Model 97 and 12 don't have a trigger disconnect that will only reset by releasing the trigger. They were made that way on purpose as were most firearms up to that period. OTOH, the new reproduction 97's from China DO have a disconnect and will not fire by holding the trigger back and cycling the action.
  4. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    Yes, the condition described in the original post is normal for a Model 12 as well as for Models 1893 and 1897.

  5. Gabob

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    Dec 5, 2005
    The Model 12 s are notorious for breaking the firing pin. Being tapered it is still trapped in the bolt but does not retract when the action is worked. Sometimes it continues to protrude and hangs up the shell being lifted to load. It is possible that the uncontrolled broken part of the pin could also cause a slamfire
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    It's normal. Heck----it's a FEATURE!:)

    Winchester '97's and 1912's, Older Ithaca 37's, and IIRC the Stevens
    520 shotguns, along with the 1890 Winchester 22's and probably
    others, do not have a disconnector. Hold the trigger down and
    pump---as soon as it goes into battery it will drop the hammer
    and fire.
  7. bluesea112

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    I consider it a feature of the model 12 as well. When you are hunting dove on a tree line, and they fly across the corner at top speed, that slam fire feature is nice to have for a quick follow up shot. I have killed many dove with my model 12 that way.
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