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(12/14/02 8:23:21 pm)
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My father recently sent me some guns which have been in the family for a while. I'm curious as to their worth:

1. Winchester Mod 12, 12 ga, s/n 2906xx, pitted barrel
2. Win 12, 16 ga, 971xx, 16 ga, good condition
3. Win 12, 12 ga, 481xx, two barrels - one is stamped "cyl", and the other "full", very good to excellent
4. Mossberg 22 cal, bolt, mod 35, nsn, peep sight, etc, intact, fair condition
5. Springfield 87A, nsn, excellent condition

Thanks very much for your time

*TFF Senior Staff*
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(12/15/02 9:00:21 am)
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Hi holz1111......Welcome to TFF.

I guess your father liked Winchester 12's!

It's difficult to give values on 12's sight unseen because they were made in various grades: Standard, Featherweight, Rib Barrel, Riot Gun, Duck, Skeet, Trap, Pigeon, Super Pigeon from 1912 to 1964 and then in '72, Field, Skeet & Trap were reissued..... and values change depending on whether they are pre or post '71.

My values book is 7 years old, so prices may well be a bit higher now.....

Price for Standard Grade pre-'64:

Excellent: $675
Very Good: $540

Add: $50 for ventilated rib
Add: $40 for raised matted rib
Add: 50% for Pigeon grade
Add: 120% for Super Pigeon Grade

Deduct: 50% for guns made after '71

On your Mossie 35.....again a 7 year old price:

Exc: $125
VG: $100
Fair: Not listed

Springfield 87 (I don't have an 87A listed)......once again, a 7 year old price:

Exc: $125
VG: $100

Keep checking back. Hopefully somebody will be along with more up-to-date values on your guns.

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(12/15/02 11:19:44 am)
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Xracer -

Your time is appreciated. It's nice to know what these guns could potentially be worth, even though I have no intention of letting them out of the family. Kind of like the 65 Valient I inherited from my grandfather - maybe not a classic, but pricless to me.

Again, appreciate the time you took to help me out.
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