Winchester Model 42 Recommendations

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  1. slossvet

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    Oct 16, 2012
    Hello all,
    New hunter / new poster here....Looking to purchase my first shotgun. Totally new to upland hunting, but have experienced friends taking me along and show me some of the ropes. I do not plan on having a huge gun collection, but really enjoy nice things - who doesn't! I'm looking to purchase a Winchester Model 42 and need some guidance. I would like to use the gun, but also enjoy the aspect of the gun being of some value from a quality and age stand point.

    For the purpose of usefulness for woodcock and partridge hunting, any suggestions on:
    1.) Choke style (full, mod., or cylinder)? - skeet is out of the question.
    2.) Year / Years of manufacture regarding value or quality? Pre-war of any greater collector value?
    3.) How to tell if stock is original to gun or replaced somewhere along the way.

  2. todd51

    todd51 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Mar 20, 2009
    Central, Ohio
    I still have the standard grade Model 42, mod. choke, that my father purchased in 1933 (first year of mfg.). It has been a working gun most of it's life and shows the wear that taking hundreds of rabbits would be expected. It is the gun I learned to shoot a shotgun with. It does handicap you when hunting because you are tossing much less lead in the air. But if your skill level is sufficient it will get the job done.

    There is a lot of collector interest in the Model 42 especially when you are talking about the trap, skeet and deluxe grade guns. So guns in fine condition are demanding prices over $1000 for a nice standard grade gun and several thousands if you looking at one of the better grade guns.

    Since you say you are a new hunter my suggestion would be look into a 20 or 12 gauge gun to start with. You could always add the 42 as your shooting skill improves. But I will admit that taking that old 42 to the field is a lot of fun.

  3. time2shoot

    time2shoot Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Jan 17, 2012
    Brandon SD
    Look for the .28 ga. Or 16ga. If you want collecter value. and it has a little more punch than the 42.
    Or go with modle 12. in 12 ga. they have many diffrent grades for the 12.
    Now i shoot all my firearms. dosent matter to me the collecter value.
    But if you are wanting somthing that will go up in value over time. firearms take a long time to get there. And condition is every thing. The more use, the more whare on it. The lower it's long term value will be. If your going tracking through the woods, do you want a $2000 plus gun that you will wory about scratching. Or a $300 --500 one that a couple scratches wont make ya mad when ya get them.
    Just somthing to think about.

    And welcome to the forum
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