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(2/24/03 11:31:44 am)
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I have a Winchester Model 42 3" full 28" barrel and I am trying to verify its originality, especially the rib. It is a 1947 mnfr with the double diamond forearm and single diamond butstock deluxe wood that is original Winchester. The confusion is that it has a vent rib. In the 42 book by Ned Schwing 42's were not factory ribbed until 1954. The rib on this gun has a post that looks like a diamond with short flats that run on the long sides, something like this but shorter were the = is depicted <=>. This is not a Simmons rib. The gun and rib are unquestionably of the same vintage due to the bluing wear.

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(2/24/03 12:10:26 pm)
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Re: WInchester Model 42
'Factory' ribs on the 42 were either put on by Simmons or provided to Winchester by Simmons.

Without seeing it, I would guess it is period aftermarket.
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