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To all,

I am a new member here but I have been a member over at the WACA site for several years now. I have also been conducting a research survey of the Model 1892 rifles and have compiled data on over 4050 rifles in that effort. My aim is to capture 10,000 of these rifles and publishing the results.

A portion of my collecting efforts involves the Model 61 rifles. I have decided to begin cataloging the caliber and barrel configurations of for the entire the Model 61 production run. While chewing off a small, certain unique style may be easier it ends up letting too much good and useful data go past you in the hope of somebody else getting it. I may as well enter it while I have it on the computer screen.

Sooooo.... Open up the safes and please send me the serial number, caliber stamp information for the rifle and the barrel shape style. No photos are necessary for this, just a simple list will do. You can either PM me or send to my email at [email protected] Hopefully, this work will shed a tiny bit of light on the overall production percentages of the Model 61 and make a small compliment to the work done in Schwing's book.

I put my dozen rifles on the list and picked up 43 more last night just looking on ********* and GI. There are lots of past auctions to go back and dig into also. As of lunch today the list has grown to 225 rifles. I will need 3000 to 4000 Model 61's to generate meaningful results. I hope you will help me and support the effort. Contact me or post your data here please.

Wish me luck
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