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(12/10/02 10:05:28 pm)
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i was given a winchester model 70 serial#180181,cal
22.hornet,this rifle is in excelent to factory condition,i am thinking of selling it and was wondering when it was made and
what would be a fair price.
your help would be appriciated:

Smokin Guns
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(12/10/02 10:19:49 pm)
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Rooster, That Serial number doesn't show up as a pre-64, it's probably a 1982 to date model. Value maybe $300.00...

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(12/10/02 10:56:05 pm)
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RoosterBob2 -

Welcome to the forum. Please join us on the may forums here on TFF. We enjoy the participation of all.

According to my old (nineteen eight eight) edition of the Blue Book, your rifle was made in 1951. Further, it states the pre-'52 models are preferred due to implemented manufacturing techniques that lowered quality in 1953.

In pristine, factory original unaltered specimens, the price for these 1951 manufactured rifles (regardless of caliber other than 250-300, .300 Savage, .308 Win, .35 Rem, and 7x57mm) is (nineteen eighty eight dollars) $1750, sliding down to $695 for those in 60% condition. This is what you would expect to pay to buy, NOT what a dealer will give you for selling!

Sorry about the spelling out of the year - the emoticons have gone a little crazy on the board tonight.

Good luck!
"Keep Off The Ridgeline"

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(12/11/02 6:21:01 am)
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Kdud's on target, except the new book 100% condition is only $1600.00. You would want the gun graded by a competent gunsmith/dealer, to know for sure.
There is a market for these rifles to the right person. A minor ding or scratch can and will depreciate the gun considerably.
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