Wiping White Conservative Men from HISTORY

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    Here is an interesting commentary on the effects of "Political Correctness" in operation in today's society. I read this at several news sites this morning......


    Wiping White Conservative Men from History

    By Chuck Muth
    CNSNews.com Commentary
    September 11, 2007

    One of the reasons I decided to home school my kids was to save them from the politically correct indoctrination of the monopolized government-run schools. We selected a highly-rated curriculum from the highly regarded Calvert School which I had hoped would keep the PC crud to a bare minimum.

    Oh, how I was wrong. Get a load of what's included in what amounts to the curriculum's 2nd-grade history/civics course, "Explore Your World II."

    The last few daily lessons have been on topics titled, "Good Citizens," "Determination," "Citizenship Traits," "Authority Figures," "Leadership," and "Service." Fine subject material, to be sure.

    But each lesson provides examples of each which feature track star Jackie Joyner-Kersey (black, woman), Sen. Daniel Inouye (Asian, Democrat, liberal), Rosa Parks (black, woman), Rep. Barbara Jordon (black, woman, Democrat, liberal), Cesar Chavez (Hispanic), Helen Keller (woman, physically handicapped), President Jimmy Carter (Democrat, liberal, mentally handicapped), President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, liberal), Gen. Colin Powell (black) and Jane Adams (woman).

    Notice any particular group missing from this PC version of American history/civics? Why, surprise, surprise, surprise. Not a single white conservative man in the mix! What are the odds?

    Seriously, folks. In teaching about citizenship, determination, leadership and service, not a single example featuring a white conservative man?

    Under examples of "Good Citizens," Inouye is featured for being a war hero who lost an arm in World War II.

    Fine. But why not include, say, former Sen. Bob Dole - a war hero and who lost use of an arm in World War II? At least Dole rose to the position of Senate Majority Leader and ran for both vice president and president of the United States. Sounds like a good American citizen to me. Inouye, on the other hand, is better known these days for supporting a form of racial apartheid in his home state of Hawaii. Nice pick, Calvert.

    Colin Powell, to the best of my knowledge, is the only Republican included in this PC version of history/civics, but not too many people consider him white or conservative. Yet he was singled out as a great leader "because he inspired his men and women in the army and he tried to help guide the American government during a time of war."

    Fine. Nothing against Gen. Powell - a great American to be sure. But aren't there any white conservative men in our history who have inspired our soldiers and helped guide the American government during a time of war? Someone like, say, Gen. Douglas MacArthur who won the war in the Pacific in World War II and accepted the Japanese surrender on the deck of the USS Missouri? For some reason he just didn't make the grade for Calvert when it came to examples of "Leadership" for 2nd-graders.

    But the most stomach-churning offense was using Jimmy Carter of "Iranian Hostage Crisis" fame as an example of someone possessing the characteristics of good citizenship -- those being honesty, persistence and patriotism. Remind me again how patriotic it is to criticize the United States while on foreign soil?

    Carter, one of the nation's worst American presidents in history, was selected by Calvert because, according to them, "he cared deeply about peace and human rights issues" and was "the only president to visit Cuba and meet with Fidel Castro." Good...grief.

    If only that white conservative president Ronald Reagan had cared deeply enough about peace and human rights to do more than just break the Soviet Union, free Eastern Europe and end the Cold War maybe he could have made the list as a good American citizen, too.

    Fortunately, as a home school parent I'm able to nip this crud in the bud by skipping over these examples in the ol' textbook and offer up my own. But if such liberal PC claptrap is in our home-school curriculum, can you imagine how they're re-writing history in the government's re-education camps? Be afraid.

    (Chuck Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, a public policy advocacy organization in Washington, D.C. The views expressed are those of the writer.)

    Copyright 2007, Chuck Muth
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    Must just be the books they are using . My high school talked about American history from all sides.
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