WOO HOO!! My .22 Rimfire Score

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    Reply WOO HOO!! My .22 Rimfire Score
    Well, I've been on a search, the Ruger 10/22 is still on my mind, but only when I have a bunch of cash to blow to totally trick it out, I went into the gun shop today, and actually looked at the 10/22 with the heavy barrell, thumbhole stock and all of that, also I looked at the Remington version, a bit out of my price range right now.

    On the way out, I stopped by the rack of used long arms, and spotted a Remington 597, stainless, heavy barrel sitting there, I asked about it. The asking price was 130 bucks, I kicked it around, and it was a bunch cheaper than the 319 bucks for the new one.. a few more minutes, I talked myself into it. Without shooting it, I did like the weight and feel of the gun, so I'm thinking it's a pretty decent score for the day. I'll pick it up tomorrow afternoon, and of course, I'll have to stop and shoot it on the way home.

    has anyone got any input on these guns? Did I get a decent deal or did I get robbed?
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