World War 1 Saber

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    Sep 23, 2006
    I was given a sword that I believe was brought back after WW1. It is in okay condition, with rust damage from being in a outdoor storage unit from years. It has a 32in. blade. By the hilt of the sword J. Bartlenski then Berlin beneath it, is imprinted on the sword. There are engravings on the sword itself, both sides are different. On both sides there are detailed engravings such as a WW1 German helmet (the one with the spike on it), there are bugles, a flag with an eagle or some other bird on it, crossed sabers, drums, etc. The sword did come with a scabbard, but it doesnt belong with the saber. The scabbard is straight and the sword itself is curved slightly. Imprinted on the scabbard is 10.8 and below that is 10/J.R.17.8.
    I have looked on many different sites, trying to find information on the sword and have not found any. If anyone can find any information on it or a value I would appreciate it.
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