World War V, or III

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    I think we are in World War V.

    World War I started in 1775 (the war started before the declaration of independence) with the beginning of the American Revolution. It spread to the old world with the entrance of France, Spain and the Netherlands against the British Empire. World wide naval actions ensued.

    World War II was the Napoleonic wars. Besides the fighting in Europe, their were major engagements in Asia, and the new world joins in the fighting, on this side of the ocean we call it the War of 1812.

    World War III, what is generally referred to as the First World War.

    World War IV, what is generally refed to as World War II.

    World War FIVE (or WW III, if you don't include my first two world wars) The War on Terrorism. This is undoubtable a world war. But in this war the fireman, cop and our entire civilian populace is on the front line, as much as the soldier, sailor, marine, or airman. On the first day of this war, 3,000 civilians were murdered, including 340 firemen, and 80 cops. In this war, our intelligence/security agencies are of critical importance. The most difficult problem in this war is telling friend from foe. This is true not only for the U.S. soldier in a village in Afghanistan, but extends to entire nations.

    Is Saudi Arabia a friend or foe? Both? Neither? I would go with neither. We have some common interests with the GOVERNMENT of Saudi Arabia. I think the majority of people in Saudi Arabia are against us. And I think the same is true of most Arab countries.

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    How about the Crusades? Multinational Christian forces vs. multinational Islamic forces thruout the Middle East.

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    Interesting thought, but if you carry the thought out to absurdia it would probably be about World War MMMCCCLIV or something like that....

    If you include all wars fought including all of the KNOWN world (to the participants at the time) you'd have a ton of wars involving either campaigns of Alexander, the Pharoahs, Xerxes, the Mongols, the Romans, the Greeks, Hannibal, various dynastys in Asia, etc, not even counting all the indigenous wars involving everybody from American Indians to headhunter tribes in New Guinea....

    Actually, I predict that in the near future we won't be referring to WWI or WWII, but just "The World Wars" from 1914-1945. (Or maybe 1914-1951) (1912-1989?) (Or even conceivably the "Second Hundred Years War," 1889-1989...)

    You really can't study WWII without studying WWI, you can't understand WWI without understanding the rise of nationalism and a bunch of other :isms" and "revolutions" from the 19th century, leading to the Communist Revolution of '17 until the fall of the wall in '89....

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