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[WTS] 1927A1 Thompson Submachine Gun - Barely Used - $1,500 [OR]

Discussion in 'The Buy/Sell/Trade Forum' started by thomas.emard, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. thomas.emard

    thomas.emard New Member

    Aug 31, 2017
    NOTICE: Apparently most of the photos were too big to add; please just email me requesting photos and I'll send the whole packet. I apologize for the inconvenience, it appears to be a forum limitation.

    For sale is a semi-automatic reproduction direct from Auto-Ordnance itself of the classic Tommy Gun. This is barely used, no more than 30 rounds of premium brass have passed through it, and the drum has not even been touched. This model was mostly seen in the hands of Federal agents and police during the Mafia crime waves of the 1930's, where the longer barrel gave them better accuracy (compared to the 'shortnose' model favored by many gangsters).

    This model was $1,300 from the factory. I paid an additional $200 for the drum magazine, and a further $100 to get custom-selected curly walnut furniture. The stock especially is gorgeous, I've never seen walnut so wavy in person before. I'm asking $150 less than total value for a barely-used firearm.

    Deal includes:

    -1927A1 Thompson in excellent condition
    -32 round stick magazine
    -50 round drum magazine
    -Custom selected curly walnut stock
    -Carry Case with lock

    Price is fairly firm at $1,500 with free shipping anywhere in the USA. I am open to trades but really I'm looking for cash. It will ship UPS Ground to an FFL, obviously. If you're near me (Portland, Oregon), I'm happy to meet in person and transfer it to you. If you're local I will also take off the shipping fee, saving you some money. Email me anytime: thomas.emard@protonmail.com 20170831_111830.jpg 20170831_111901.jpg
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