WW II Commemeratives .45 1911's

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    Mar 23, 2008
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    I have a friend who has 2 sets of 6 each of a series of .45 Colt 1911s commemorating a series of battles and campaigns in Europe and the Pacific. The series appear to have been released during the 1960's. He did not collect them himself, they were given to him by a cousin (I believe deceased). He showed these to me these a few days ago and we wiped them all down and replaced them in their presentation cases. Some come with (fake) silver bullets to go with the chrome/nickel models. Two in each set. The other 4 in each set are beautifully blued. The grips have medallions on each one. The actions and slides have what I would call rolled engraving. Two in each series are in wooden presentation cases. The remaining four have plexiglass slips over a battle map of the particular action, and a presentation case under that. Where would be a good link for me to obtain additional information, value for insurance purposes, etc. I don't know that he is interested in selling them at present, but he may be in the future.