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Danny ....Returned to the site after a year absence and noticed you too are a Mountaineer.
Still have my 1941 commercial 7.65 PPK and heeding your advise, I found a nice PPK holster withmarkings that confuse me. First, the holster is black with no splitting, cracking or flaking and the leather is smooth with a gloss.....only the expected minor scratch here and there.

The holster is clearly marked on the left side flap with the AKAH crossed rifle icon, DRGM above and AKAH below. Then on the same flap: Aug.Jesper (above) N.Marsberg (below) in
2 places.

So, my confusion is in the conflict(?)of marks.......AKAH, a well know - probably the best known - WW11 German pistol holster manufacturer (still in business) and Aug. Jesper on the same holster ????

This may have been a common practise or there may be a good reason for it, but I haven't
seen it in my many hours of research online and in authoritative books.

So, as I did with my Walther 7.65 PPk, I appeal to you and all TFFers to assist.

A Fairmonter now from Connecticut...........Cheers,

Bill Wagner
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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