WWII small arms

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    I've always been a kind of WWII history buff, and have seen and read about most of the small arms used by both sides. And by happy accident, I have now seen most of them. My family and I took a little vacation last weekend, and ended up at a small museum/IMAX theatre in Hastings, Nebraska. The musuem was pretty routine until we got to the basement, and there must have been a thousand guns on display. Everything from a matchlock pistol to a blunderbuss to the BAR and M-16. And all of the WWII guns were there. Woof. American, Japanese, Italian, German, you name it. It was cool.
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    Sounds like a neat place to visit. What's the name of the Museum, and where is it located in Hastings?

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    Re: WWII small arms
    I am sure I have been to Hasting's. Right on hwy81 isn't it?

    Just checked the map. It is west of Lincoln. Next time I am down that way i will stop there.
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    Wow, one more place to visit, after I visit the "new" one in Auburn, In...

    BTW, anybody that hasn't seen the gun collection at the Chickamauga Battlefield Welcome Center is missing out!

    To think THAT was once a private collection that was donated, makes all our efforts to collect seem trivial...

    And it goes from pre-Revolution to Post WWII too....
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    nice little gun museum in nevada....Carson City mint museum..even have a borchardt pistol there..

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    We visited the John Browning Museum in Ogden, Utah last summer. The old Union Station has been re-done completely and is now a fine museum with rooms of railroad history, local art, etc. but most amazing was the large section devoted to John Browning. I have never
    seen so many weapons in one room with the history of the Browning Family. Even a seperate room with a restoration of Browning's original work shop. The restoration of the building is beautiful, but the icing on the cake is the section devoted to the Browning gun collection. An employee of the museum told me that more of his guns are stored "down stairs" than are in the Browning section.

    Visit the web site below, follow the links at the bottom of the main page and stop in for a visit if you are ever near Odden.


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    Well, while we're recommending museums.......

    If any of you ever get to Hartford, CT, be sure to stop off at the Connecticut State Library building and see the Colt Collection.

    This is the original collection from the Colt factory that has every gun that Colt ever built. It even includes the original wooden model that Sam Colt supposedly carved.