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(3/12/02 5:58:25 pm)
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I don't know exactly if this is the correct message board to post this question, but if anyone can help please reply or email me. I am working on the wardrobe for a World War II film. I am trying to compile information on the uniforms that were worn. I am dressing two US and two German soldiers (one of the Germans is a sniper). They are in the Army, fighting in the Huertgen Forest, its Fall of 1944, and wearing basic GI uniforms (no officers or specific rank given). I don't have any particular information on specific units that they were in. If anyone could give me some advice on the components of the uniforms, accessories that would have been carried, helmets, and insignia please email me and let me know. Also,
from my research so far, I have been told that the most common weapons would have been the M-1 for the Americans and K-98 for the Germans. I am extremely strict on historical movies looking as accurate as possible, so I am trying to get all of the information I possibly can. Thank you for your time.
Star Le
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(3/12/02 7:34:26 pm)
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One of the problems you may have is figuring exactly WHAT Units you want to portray...

On the American side, there was regular leg infantry, but also a lot of 101st Airborne troops too, especially at Bastogne, and some 82nd RCTs on Elsenborne Ridge...there is a difference in Uniforms and equipment. Yes, any US Leg infantry during the Bulge PROBABLY carried an M1 Garand, but it may not be best for the Airborne. US Uniforms from WWII are getting tough to find, but the weapons and bayonets, and pineapple type practice hand grenades are readily available.

For the Airborne, a better choice of weaponry would be the M1 Carbine, maybe with one of the aftermarket "Airborne" side folding stocks. Most of the airborne MIGHT be wearing jumpsuits, but you can get by perhaps with less than perfect uniforms by covering them with dirty white bedsheets...that was the inprovised camoflage used by our troops, who were anywhere near a town, and there were lots of little villes in the area, not the least of which is Bastogne.

On the German side, again, you have standard Infantry, but also Waffen SS...which have totally different Uniforms...

And the German Infantry Squad existed to support the MGs so in the unit there would be a LOT of MG 42s...US troops ALWAYS remarked of the heavy MG fire they faced, while not much on rifle could also have an MP38 or MP40 SMG or two...My suggestion if it's just a few German Infantrymen, have them carrying K98 Mausers, but maybe with a belt of MG ammo around their shoulders, or at LEAST carrying a German ammo can. And the obligatory Stahlhandgrenates tucked in a belt or boot.

First, try:

This is the militaria dealer that provides much of the stuff for the major films, they did Saving Private Ryan, all the MGs, uniforms, etc.

Second, do a Google search on the Battle of the Bulge.

Look for a series of pictures shot by the German film crews during the first few days of the advance...many have found their way into official histories as actual pictures, but most have been found to have been "staged" for public propaganda consumption back home. But they show pretty typical German Tankers and Infantry, what they would be carrying, how they would have been dressed.

A trip to the library for just about any good book about the bulge, especially a new one I just read not long ago with all the above pictures, would be a good place to start too...

And lastly, try looking up "Reenactments" on Google...WWII reenacting is getting more and more popular...if you find a unit that is actually reenacting a unit that fought at the bulge, they will have an extensive and detailed list of uniforms, accessories, weapons etc that is correct for their use reinventing the wheel, they have done all the research for you, they will have the nomenclature for you, and may even be able to supply what you need...

I have just done a cursory check on them, but I have found extensive reenactment sites for German, Finnish, and Russian units, I even found a Romanian reenactment group for gosh sake, so there MUST be ones for US...

And as a last resort, make a call to any museum curator at any US Army installation, Ft Benning for Infantry, Ft. Bragg for Airborne come to mind, they will be HAPPY to help you with advice on the US stuff, usually for free, and I heard somewhere, don't know if it's true, if you let them review the film and they like it, (reflects well on the Army) and you give them credits, they will give you all KINDS of free help...

And THANK YOU for trying to be historically accurate...that means a lot to me at least...

Keep us informed on your progress, or if you need any more help.....

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(3/14/02 7:44:33 pm)
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Just to keep you guys abreast of what's going on, Star Le has been in touch with me about this film and what she's doing.

She's a wardrobe director, and has to provide the "correct" wardrobe and props.

Her last e-mail said the script got is no longer the ardennes, but takes place in the Huertgen Forest...for the Germans, one is to be a sniper...

I told her it makes it easier for Americans, as most in the Huertgen pre-Bulge were straight leg infantry...

What do you guys suggest for the sniper rifle, I'm not a real Mauser sniper guy, but I thought she MIGHT get away with an M48 with the turned down bolt...and one of those Yugo "turret" mounts...I don't think anybody will want to spend the money to get a REAL German sniper, and if I had one, I don't think I'd lend it to her....

I even suggested she get one of the Israeli KAR98s with the winter trigger guard Sarco and Samco advertise for $ would be correct, except for the markings, and it would make Adolf loop a few times in his grave or wherever the ashes are scattered to know a Jewish rifle starred in a movie about Nazi soldiers....

Hi. My name is Mike. And I am a Nagantaholic. "Don't hear him call you an @sshole, hear WHY he's calling you an @sshole." -------- From "A Season on the Brink"

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(3/15/02 3:44:12 pm)
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Velli Interestink:

Get in touch with "Clint Eastwood".....(directs many movies now)...
He can put you in touch with many insiders
re: Costumes, etc. (war pictures) & weapon(s)....WWII
You will find him to be very personable and helpful.

Charlie D aka Different name
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