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    Well the black and white community is getting a little restless around here...You know after a lot of thought I've surmised that lots of people are racial powder kegs just waiting to go off, my title was thus because while sitting in the back corner of a diner I was evedropping on some old cowboys conversation who in my opinion are all too ready to play Cowboys & Indians.

    I've heard lots of reports that the "other side" aren't sitting on their opinions either...The NAACP gathered at the courthouse the other day and were promply greeted by the KKK.

    As an aside, I was recalling the events when this happened last time, with a few friends on the force I heard that we had snipers set up on the buildings on the square! LOL...Kinda cool if you ask me.

    Oh well, If you are wondering what all the ruckuss is all about you have to read the news. :D

    Sorry I'm so late posting about it, but it's been a LONG week...What are your opinions? Do you think that a large part of the black and white communities are just "looking for a reason" to go off on each other?

    One news report

    Another decent read

    One more :D

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    racism is sooooo over rated

    we should ship all the racists, white and black, to some craphole place to kill each other off

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    Aug 22, 2006
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    they're not bias but better be declared race crime or else. reads like Wright attacked Weaver. Race should not be factor. Seems to me if black and white get in fight if black hurt it's race crime, but if white hurt it's not.
    This should be about who was at fault not what color. Looks like there was fault on both sides, now they have to decide who is guiltiest.
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    Nov 15, 2006
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    Who is the most guilty here. Seems to me that there is still a freedom of speech item here in the USA. When Louis Farrican declared that White people were,"The Devil" there wasn't any indignation from the non black community. When the Black Panthers flatly stated they were going to "Wipe the California Highway Patrol out." there was no white uproar or marches and burning down of business and homes that had absolutely nothing to do with the cause of the riots.When the White truck driver was dragged from his work truck in LA and stomped on the head. (Rodney King fiasco) The NAACP didn't jump out and say anything bad about the perpetrators. There are a heck of a lot of damn good black people here in the USA. Just as there are a heck of a lot of worthless white people here.What ever the white guy said no matter how egregious,the black gentleman had no right sticking his head and shoulders into the car. However I will also add in my opinion the white guy is either chicken _ _ _ t or something we do not know happened.Some irate individual may stick his head into my car but one of us really isn't going to be happy tomorrow :( ,maybe both of us. Unless I am absolutely sure that I can't win, the brown stuffs going to hit the fan.:eek: catfish
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    Didn't 'white' people have an organization that is almost equal to todays NAACP? Wasn't it called the KKK? Except they aren't as violent, yet. Yet I hear all the time that blacks can't be racist.:rolleyes: Go figure.

    If texas is anything like NM, where your vehicle is considered an extension of your house, then Mr Wright is in a world of trouble as he should be. Mr Wright should be thankfull that there wasn't a firearm avaible on the inside of that truck, cause he just might be dead right now.

    It seems that this case is pretty clear cut. Weaver should be let of jail on his word that he'll show up in court. On the surface it looks like a situation gone bad winding up with an action of self perservation. Trying to leave the sceen as fast as possible.

    It shouldn't be Mr Weavers fault that he had a suicidal hitchhicker:eek:
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    Locally, I think the Blacks & Whites are ready to start taking out the Brown's.
  7. charagrin

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    Mar 6, 2007
    Its kind of strange really because blacks want to be treated equally as any other race. They dont want to be ostrasized or discriminated against. And yet they have black rallys, turn every crime commited between them and another race as a hate crime, and have programs for blacks only. For example: the United Negro Colledge Fund. You have to be of negroid descent to qualify. Sounds like they are discriminating against Whites, Hispanics, Orientals, etc.

    On the other hand, I find the term "african American" to be racist. Just because they are black doesnt mean they are from africa. What about Brazil, Haiti, Cuba, Portugal, etc.? Dont get me wrong, its an accepted term, its just incorrect. And what if They are visiting dignitaries? England has a black official who travels to different countries, if he came here, what would you refer his race as being?

    I aint going to argue my point, I just wanted to show that some blacks are discriminating racists as well. Its just my opinion.

    I could go on a rant about the gays too, but I wont.
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