Yemen needs to be "Cleaned Up" with a tactical delivery

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    Training more jihadists

    Hundreds of al-Qaeda militants are planning terror attacks from Yemen, the country’s Foreign Minister said today.

    Abu Bakr al-Qirbi appealed for more help from the international community to help to train and equip counter-terrorist forces.

    His plea came after an al-Qaeda group based in Yemen claimed responsibility for the failed Christmas Day airliner bomb plot.

    Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, alleged to be behind the attempt to blow up an American-bound aircraft, spent time in Yemen with al-Qaeda and was in the country only days before the failed attack.

    Dr al-Qirbi said: “Of course there are a number of al-Qaeda operatives in Yemen and some of their leaders. We realise this danger.

    “They may actually plan attacks like the one we have just had in Detroit. There are maybe hundreds of them — 200, 300.”

    Dr al-Qirbi said it was the “responsibility” of countries with strong intelligence capabilities to warn states such as Yemen about the movements of terror suspects.

    The United States, Britain and the European Union could do a lot to improve Yemen’s response to militants on its own soil, he added.

    “We have to work in a very joint fashion in partnership to combat terrorism,” he said. “If we do, the problem will be brought under control.

    “There is support, but I must say it is inadequate. We need more training, we have to expand our counter-terrorism units and provide them with equipment and transportation like helicopters.”

    Mr Abdulmutallab is said to have told US agents that there were more people “just like him” ready to carry out attacks.

    An al-Qaeda group based in Yemen claimed responsibility yesterday for the failed attempt to bring down Northwest Airlines Flight 253 over Detroit as US President Barack Obama pledged to hunt down the plotters.

    Photographs apparently showing the underpants worn by alleged bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and willed with explosives were broadcast today by ABC News.

    The American government pictures show the singed underwear with a six-inch packet of a high explosive called PETN sewn into the crotch, the US network reported.

    Mr Abdulmutallab was reported to be carrying about 80g of PETN, more than one-and-a-half times the amount carried by Richard Reid, the “shoe bomber”, in 2001 and enough to blow a hole in the side of an aircraft.

    Mr Abdulmutallab’s former tutors at University College London, where he was a student between 2005 and 2008, described him as “well-mannered, quietly spoken, polite and able” and said that he never gave any cause for concern. He was president of the institution’s Islamic society between 2006 and 2007.

    Nigerian-born Mr Abdulmutallab is being held at a federal prison in Michigan on a charge of trying to destroy an aircraft.

    He apparently wrote of his loneliness and struggle between liberalism and Islamic extremism in a series of postings on Facebook and in Islamic chatrooms, The Washington Post reported today.

    In January 2005, when he was attending boarding school, he wrote: “I have no one to speak too. No one to consult, no one to support me and I feel depressed and lonely. I do not know what to do. And then I think this loneliness leads me to other problems.”

    Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, said it was unlikely that Mr Abdulmutallab acted alone and revealed that he was banned from entering Britain and placed on a “watch list” this year.

    Mr Johnson said that the alleged terrorist was refused a new visa and had been monitored since May after applying for a bogus course.

    An unarmed man can only flee evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it. - Col Cooper
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    whats the worry, if we send obama there to talk nicely to these suspected terrorist he might be able to convince them the error of their ways. once he tells them how sorry he and everyone in america is for being the bully that we are things will get better. :p

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    Yes a very big tactical delivery works for me. Not sure what Yemen has to offer our country that would keep us from blowing them off the face of the earth, one less middle east country to have to worry about.
  4. Bobitis

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    What does Yemen have to offer anyone?:rolleyes:
  5. jedwil

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    Yemen is a negative. Contribute nothing I know of and consume. She continues breeding murdering terrorists that cost the world money and lives.
  6. 308 at my gate

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    Target practice? :eek:
  7. Bobitis

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    Not with our POTUS.

    Thank you sir, may I have another.:(
  8. Terry_P

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    Mar 23, 2008
    I think the correct term is cleansed.
  9. ampaterry

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    There is a high risk there of contracting Diarrhea, Hepatitis A, typhoid fever, dengue fever, Malaria and schistosomiasis, so I suppose they do have that to offer - - -

    And they offer an increasing population, with the AVERAGE number of kids being over SIX per woman.

    They also offer yet another example of a country living under Islamic law.
    You know the one; where women have no rights, except to be executed if they are raped without enough witnesses to prove it was rape?

    It would be a great place for a very large seaport, though.
    Self-lighted and glass paved would be even better -
  10. hogger129

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    Nov 29, 2009
    We aren't a bully... It's the terrorists and jihadists that are bullies. They never liked us because of Israel. They need to realize that we aren't "bullying" anybody, we are watching out for our own well-being and security. And these other nations are too incompetent to control their own countries.

    I mean what do they have to do over there to stop these people? It's like there is no end in sight because it's other jihadists coming from other countries to fight us. Shoot some rockets in and blow it to smitherines and cut our losses and come home. That's my stand on it...

    Someone please explain to me how we win over there? Obama says the insurgency is not popular. He says it's not another Vietnam. Yet we are dumping billions of dollars into this war. What do we have to gain if we do win it? How can you win a battle that has been going on for thousands of years? (Christians fighting Muslims). This war is really not different from Vietnam. I mean our enemy has been fighting foreign invaders for years. Remember they fought off the Russians before. Our country trained and supplied many of these people in the past. They know the land. They are prepared to die. I'm not trying to be anti-American or anti-anything here. I just don't want to see 500k Americans in body bags again like in Vietnam.

    It seems like we forgot about our one main goal in this War on Terror in the first place- finding bin Laden.

    I'm one of those that believes we ought to be worrying about the state of our own nation before we go trying to take care of the rest of the world's problems. My rights right here at home are in danger.
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