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    Reply YO K-DUB!!
    I see in a postup U R the owner of a Kimber 82. Is it a 22 LR and which model an how U like it?? Am in the process (slow) of getting an Oregon mod 82 deluxe w/ a 2 1/2-7 Loop. scope
    prally goes 99%. It is reely nice and has skeleton buttplate an grip cap with chekering inside. , which looks to be at least 22 LPI, don't no for sure, haven't measured. Do u no if there is a 10 or 15 round clip available for this? Thanx for any an all info U or anyone cares to pass on......ib---TFF

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    It's the .22 lr Model 82 made in Oregon, with fluted stainless bbl and blued action, standard walnut stock, steel pistol grip cap, red rubber buttpad, and has a Burris 6x18 scope mounted with Burris "Z" rings.

    As far as I know, they only came with the 4-shot magazine - if there are larger capacity magazines, I'm not aware of them.

    The Kimbers are like expensive women - only the finest will do! Mine has a decided preference for the Eley Tenex and the Lupua Midas "M" match ammo.
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    Yar she sounds reel nice. I guess there was more than just a cuple models. I will make note of the ammo U use. Friend of mine using Fed Gold Cup an like it. Fluted barrel sounds like somethin I want but U can't have it all.. Some dude tried to tlk me into a Cooper, it was nice but no nicer (cosmetically than the Kimber an a whole buncha $$$ more. later.....IB TFF